Eternal Existence


I am totally redoing this site, please check back later, the old homepage and the fundamental thoughts section were moved to the blog to be archived, please be patient.

This site is my creation to try to spread some of my ideas.

My main idea here is my proof of one's eternal nature, when taken from a subjective viewpoint. That probably sounds strange if you aren't familiar with it but it makes sense when you understand the concepts.

Basically I have found absolute proof of my own "immortal soul" so to speak, but not in a religious sense. This is an outrageous claim, I do realize this, but as a sober and sane individual I have to admit that in all honesty I have simply done just that, and nothing more. I can prove nothing about the nature of consciousness other than it is unending in me. I am giving you the information with which I have done this, and you can ask yourself the question I did in order to confirm it. I don't claim to have visions, at least other than in my own beliefs in my own spirituality that I take with an appropriate grain of salt like the next person with spiritual religious or other strong beliefs that tries to also stay grounded in reality. I have made no logically false assumptions in my philosophy, at least, not in quite a while. Feel free to believe what you will, but I make an absolute promise that I do not use the word absolute without taking it seriously and I do not offer beliefs in the form of anything but beliefs, opinions in the shape of anything but opinions, reasoning and theories in any guise but reasoning and theories, or delusions as anything but opinions based on evidence that I do not hold strongly to. What I say is a fact is a fact, what I say is absolute I only say when I am in fact absolutely certain. I am, as a matter of course only absolutely certain of roughly three basic things: I am/have been, I know simply reason is true to the extent that I can quantify, qualify, and fully wrap my head around it, and thirdly, because of the first two, that I will always be. The last seems like a presumption but read on and you will find that it is not.

Feel free to link this site, just let me know, feel free to repost, just make sure to give credit for the ideas where credit is due.